December 2009

Report: Giants re-sign Uribe

Jon Heyman of reports that the Giants have re-signed infielder Juan Uribe, pending a physical.

The deal is expected to be a one-year deal with a club option for 2011.

Uribe was one of the bright spots of the Giants offense last season not named Sandoval.

He had 16 HR, 55 RBI and hit .289 in 398 ABs last season.

He’ll likely fill the infield utility role next season and adds to the Giants flexibility. Uribe played equally at 2B, SS and 3B last season. With the addition of DeRosa, who can play all the infield positions, plus outfield, it gives manager Bruce Bochy a lot of options. Add to that is the fact the Pablo Sandoval can play 1B and 3B as well as catcher. And Eugenio Velez can play the middle infield as well as the outfield.

This flexibility leaves the Giants a lot of options if they’re looking to add another bat to the lineup.

Giants sign DeRosa as hot stove heats up

The Giants made their first move of the offseason, or at least the first move that didn’t involve taking players away from their 2009 roster.

The Giants signed infielder/outfielder Mark DeRosa to a two-year deal reported to be for $12 million.

It’s a reasonable deal for a player who gives the Giants some flexibility with their lineup. DeRosa has played all infield positions, plus the outfield during his career.

Common thinking has DeRosa playing third base next season in San Francisco, with Pablo Sandoval playing first base.

But the MLB Network offered up the possibility of Sandoval taking over catching duties next season, so that super prospect Buster Posey can have more time to develop at catcher.

As for DeRosa, in the past four seasons in which he has surpassed 500 ABs, he has averaged 17 HRs, 78 RBI and batted around .281.

Giants fans can expect similar numbers in 2010, not exactly the power boost most fans were hoping.

MLB network put up this potential lineup for the 2010 Giants

OF Eugenio Velez
2B Freddy Sanchez
3B Mark DeRosa
1B Pablo Sandoval
OF Aaron Rowand
OF Fred Lewis
SS Edgar Renteria
C Buster Posey

Splash hits has one big problem with that lineup. We can be pretty sure, barring injury or some ungodly turnaround the spring, that we won’t see Fred Lewis in the starting lineup. It’s more likley the Nate Schierholtz would fill that spot.

Beyond that, most Giants fans would wince at the idea of Aaron Rowand as the No. 5 hitter. It’s like of like been there, done that.

Rowand clearly would be better off in the No. 6 hole, which would seem to indicate the Giants are still in the market for another bat.

The Giants had been linked somewhat to Jason Bay, who agreed to a deal with the Mets on Tuesday. And they have been linked with Matt Holliday. But like rumors last year around CC Sabathia and Manny Ramirez, we don’t expect much to come from Holliday, who likely will return to St. Louis.

Then there’s Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye. Both are getting up in years, and likely would only draw interest from the Giants in the way of an inexpensive one-year deal. And that likely will take several more weeks to shake out.