Projected 25-man roster for 2011

OK, the parade is over. The champagne has dried up. A while
Moresplashhits won’t stop reliving the 2010 season – we’ll be visiting some key
moments all through the offseason – it is time to start thinking about 2011.

So we must start someplace, so we’ll start with a projected
2011 25-man roster, based on players that the Giants currently control through the 2011
season. This doesn’t mean all these players will be back with the Giants in
2011. Some players who are arbitration eligible could be non-tendered by the
Giants. The deadline to tender players under reserve in 2011 is Dec. 2.

So here is our projection of the 2011 opening-day 25-man
roster (with players’ 2011 salary; 2010 salaries are listed for reserved
players with 2011 contracts .. i.e. arbitration eligible players)



1B Pablo Sandoval ($465,000; pre-arbitration)

2B Freddy Sanchez ($6 million)

SS Emmanuel Burriss ($410,000; pre-arbitration)

3B Mark DeRosa ($6 million)

C Buster Posey ($400,000; pre-arbitration)

OF Cody Ross  ($4.45
million; arbitration eligible)

OF Aaron Rowand ($12 million)

OF Andres Torres ($426,000; arbitration eligible)



1B Travis Ishikawa ($417,000; pre-arbitration)

IF Mike Fontenot ($1 million; arbitration eligible)

IF Ryan Rohlinger ($400,000; pre-arbitration)

OF Eugenio Velez ($416,000; pre-arbitration)

OF Nate Schierholtz ($417,000; pre-arbitration)

C Eli Whiteside ($405,000; pre-arbitration)



SP Tim Lincecum ($13 million)

SP Matt Cain ($7 million)

SP Barry Zito ($18.5 million)

SP Jonathan Sanchez ($2.1 million; arbitration eligible)

SP Madison Bumgarner ($400,000; pre-arbitration)



RH Brian Wilson ($6.5 million)

RH Sergio Romo ($417,000; pre-arbitration)

RH Santiago Casilla ($420,000; arbitration eligible)

LH Jeremy Affeldt ($4.5 million)

LH Javier Lopez ($775,000; arbitration eligible)

LH Dan Runzler ($401,000; pre-arbitration)


Hinshaw, RHP Waldis Joaquin, RHP Henry Sosa, 3B Connor Gillaspie, 1B Brent
Pill, OF Darren Ford, OF Francisco Peguero

FREE AGENTS FROM 2010 ROSTER: 1B Aubrey Huff, SS Juan Uribe,
SS Edgar Renteria, OF Jose Guillen, OF Pat Burrell

CURRENT 2011 PAYROLL (not including pay raises for
arbitration, etc.): $87.219 million

WORTH NOTING: Our projected 25-man roster includes players
who are candidates to be non-tendered. Mike Fontenot is a prime candidate.
Also, Cody Ross. The Giants may decide that the potential of a $5-$6 million
contract for Ross through arbitration may be too much. So they could non-tender
him, then attempt to re-sign him as a free agent for a lesser amount. Of
course, then they would battling other potential suitors for Ross’ services.

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