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Arizona Diamondbacks 5, San Francisco Giants 1: Madison Bumgarner gets mad, then bummed


After giving up three runs in the fifth, Madison Bumgarner was steaming mad. But it wasn’t clear if MadBum was upset with the umpire or his defense. Or both.

But manager Bruce Bochy said the source of the Giants’ problems on Friday wasn’t the umpire or defense. It was the offense.

And you know what? He has a point.

The defense had its issues … again. Brandon Crawford committed another error that led to an unearned run. There was another Arizona hit that Crawford should have snared, and Miguel Montero had a double that should have been caught by Brett Pill in left for the third out of what became a three-run inning.

Despite all that, the Giants can’t expect to come to Arizona, score one run and hope to win a game.

“This offense has got to get going,” Bochy said. “We just didn’t have very good at-bats today. Defense, sure there were a couple of mistakes. I just think that you are going to break out at some point. We scored five runs in the series in L.A. and then come in here and score one. That is not going to work.”

And it wasn’t that the Giants only scored one run. It’s that they didn’t come CLOSE to scoring another.

Melky Cabrera got the Giants on the board with a home run in the first inning. After that, the Giants only got one runner as far a second base the rest of the game, and that came in the seventh when Justin Upton dropped a fly to right off the bat of Buster Posey for a two-run error.

That’s as close to a rally that they got.

The Giants’ other hits: a one-out single by Hector Sanchez in the second, and two-out single by Angel Pagan in the sixth, a two-out single by Aubrey Huff in the eighth and a one-out single by Cabrera in the ninth.

Oh, and the number of times the Giants walked on Friday: ZERO.


Matt Cain takes on Trevor Cahill at 5:10 p.m. Saturday. The Giants didn’t face Cahill in their season-opening series. The last time the Giants saw Cahill, he was pitching for the Athletics. He limited the Giants to two runs on six hits in 14 innings against them in 2011. The results of those two games were a 2-1 win for the Giants on May 20 and a 2-1 win for the A’s on June 19. Oh, and who did Cahill face on the June 19th win? Matt Cain. Yeah, it’s going to be one of THOSE days.

We heard rumblings that Huff may get his first start Saturday since coming off the DL. If that’s true, here’s our best guess at Saturday’s lineup.

  1. CF Angel Pagan
  2. 3B Conor Gillaspie
  3. RF Melky Cabrera
  4. C Buster Posey
  5. 1B Brandon Belt
  6. LF Aubrey Huff
  7. 2B Joaquin Arias
  8. SS Brandon Crawford
  9. P Matt Cain

San Francisco Giants 5, Milwaukee Brewers 2: Madison Bumgarner comes through in the clutch


Remember those days when if the Giants hit a skid, you would look to Tim Lincecum to put a stop to it?

And then if the Freak was in a funk, you’d look to Matt Cain?

But now, it has to be Madison Bumgarner.

Not the Cain is a slouch. He’s lost his last two starts because the Giants didn’t want to score runs for him.

Well, then, maybe Cain should do what MadBum did Saturday.

With the Giants floundering with runners in scoring position and Hector Sanchez on second with one out in the sixth, Bumgarner raked a double to left, tying the score 1-1.

Since getting tagged for eight runs in 1/3 of an inning last June 21 vs. the Twins, MadBum is 11-1 at home. The Giants have won 11 of his past 13 starts dating back to last year. And he’s 5-0 with a 1.54 ERA since his sub-par season-opening start in Arizona.

In short, he’s money.


  • Angel Pagan went 1 for 4 to extend his hitting streak to 19 games. He’s hitting .306 over the course of the streak. His season average sits at .259 because he was hitting .111 when the streak started.
  • C Hector Sanchez, who was hitless in his previous 11 at-bats entering Friday’s game, went 2 for 4 with doubles (one from each side of the plate) to raise his season average to .255.
  • RP Santiago Casilla allowed only a bloop single in the ninth in recording his fifth save in five tries since taking over the role from injured Brian Wilson.


Let’s get Matt Cain some runs as he takes on Shaun Marcum at 1:05 p.m. Sunday. We correctly predicted which eight players would start Saturday, so let’s take a crack at it again.

  1. RF Gregor Blanco
  2. 3B Connor Gillaspie (take a freakin’ strike Connor, please!)
  3. LF Melky Cabrera
  4. C Buster Posey
  5. CF Angel Pagan
  6. 1B Brandon Belt
  7. 2B Joaquin Arias
  8. SS Brandon Crawford
  9. P Matt Cain


San Francisco Giants agree to five-year deal with Madison Bumgarner

The San Francisco Giants are blogger’s dream. They never leave you short on things to blog about. Let’s see what we’ve had in the last couple of weeks.

  • Matt Cain signed a monster deal.
  • Buster Posey got the shingles.
  • Tim Lincecum cut his hair.
  • Brian Wilson blew out his elbow.

There’s barely enough time to blog about the games. In the midst of trying to get caught up came another bombshell on Monday.

The Giants agreed to a five-year, $35 million deal with 22-year-old Madison Bumgarner.

With Bumgarner have less than two years of MLB experience, we just didn’t think this deal would be anywhere in the works. We weren’t even thinking about it.

But the Giants were, and good for them.

But it’s a good deal for MadBum and Giants.

Bumgarner was set to make $575,000 this season. Now he’ll average $7 million a season in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. There are vesting club options in 2018 and 2019, but the terms were not available.

There was a chance that MadBum could have been eligible for arbitration after this season as a Super-2 player, if he had been in the top 17 percent of his service class. Bumgarner was considered to be on the line on whether he would or would not be a Super-2 player.

If he were a Super-2 player, the Giants would have four years of arbitration with Bumgarner before the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons. Bumgarner would have been eligilbe for free agency in 2017.

Now, the Giants don’t have to worry about any of that.

“Preserving our core pitching for the long term remains a top priority for the Giants and today’s extension certainly helps further that goal,” general manager Brian Sabean said. “Madison has already proven that he is one of the best left-handed pitcher in the game today and we are confident that he will continue to succeed for many years to come.”

For those who think this is too much, too soon for MadBum, consider this:

  • This deal is $1 million less than what the Giants paid Aaron Rowand in 2010, 2011 and 2012 combined.
  • It is $3 million less than what they’ll pay Barry Zito this season and next season, and that’s not including the $7 million buyout in 2014.

If Bumgarner is not Super-2 eligible at the end of the season, the deal is a score for him. He’ll go from making about $700,000 in 2013 to $7 million.

If he is a Super-2, he could have easily been looking at making $5 million in 2013, so the deal is good for the Giants, even when making a Super-2 will give MadBum an additional $5 million for the length of the deal (or $8 million average).

Some may say this deal signals a direction for the Giants away from signing Tim Lincecum to a long-term deal in the next year or two.

We say “nonsense.”

What this deal does is give the Giants some salary certainty that gives them the ability to budget a long-term deal for Lincecum.

San Francisco Giants 4, Colorado Rockies 2: Madison Bumgarner shines, Brian Wilson strains


The Giants are heading home with a win, and a severe case of the Willies.

After Madison Bumgarner pitched 7 1/3 stellar innings, Brian Wilson recorded his first save of the year with a heavy dose of drama.

“It’s not like I want to pitch in that situation,” Wilson said. “But when I do, I feel like I’ve been more successful than not.”

I guess that’s true. But we’d gladly take a 1-2-3 inning.

Wilson’s ninth-inning adventure began with a double by Troy Tulowitzki followed by an infield single by Michael Cuddyer when Brandon Crawford smothered the ball but could not throw out Cuddyer.

Wilson threw a 94-mph fastball past Wilin Rosario for strike three and the first out.

Jason Giambi singled to right to load the bases, then Todd Helton smoked a liner right at Emmaunel Burriss for the second out.

Then on a 1-0 pitch to Tyler Colvin, Wilson turned his ankle. Trainer Dave Groeschner came out and Wilson threw a warmup pitch before declaring that he was fine.

“No big deal,” Wilson said. “It’s really nothing, just one of those things they have to check in — a non-issue.”

But radar gun said something different, as Wilson strained to get his fastball to reach 90 mph the rest of the inning.

He walked Colvin to make it 4-2. Marco Scutaro worked the count to 2-2 before flying out to Nate Schierholtz in right to end the game.

“It’s Willy’s way,” manager Bruce Bochy said.

Bochy added that, with Wilson throwing back-to-back days and laboring through a 32-pitch inning, that The Beard would likely not be used in Friday’s home opener against the Pirates.

In the end, the late drama almost overshadowed an outstanding effort from Bumgarner, who bounced back nicely from a rough opener last week in Arizona.

He gave up one run on four hits and two walks.

Even though the Giants score four runs for the sixth time in six games this season, it was pitching that supplied their two wins — first from Zito and Bumgarner.

“It’s our game,” Bochy said. “It’s what we count on. It means you have a chance to win the game.”

And the pitching as a whole should be better at home, as the Giants open a six-game homestead Friday.

“We’ve been on the road so much,” Bochy said. “The guys have dealt with it great. But it’s time to go home and get settled in our ballpark.”


  • Melky Cabrera went 2 for 4 with a double and two RBI as he continues to swing a hot bat, hitting .385.
  • After a slow start, Brandon Crawford is heating up. He went 2 for 4 with a double and run scored and now is hitting .261.
  • Two players who are not heating up: Angel Pagan (.130) and Ryan Theriot (.125). They may both be sitting on Friday (we can only hope).


Matt Cain gets the call for the home opener against James McDonald and the Pirates at 1:30 p.m. Friday at AT&T Park. That is, if the game is played. Thunder storms rolled through the Bay Area Thursday night and Friday’s forecast calls for more and a 100 percent chance of rain.

We came pretty close on a predicted lineup Thursday, so we’ll take another shot at it for Friday. Our lone doubt is the leadoff spot and whether or not Bochy has the stones (or brains) to sit Pagan on the home opener.

CF Gregor Blanco
RF Melky Cabrera
3B Pablo Sandoval
C Buster Posey
LF Aubrey Huff
1B Brandon Belt
SS Brandon Crawford
2B Emmanuel Burriss
P Matt Cain

The rest of the series goes:

Pirates (TBA) vs. Giants (Zito), 6:05 p.m. Saturday

Pirates (Correia) vs. Giants (Vogelsong), 1:05 p.m. Sunday

Bumgarner in No. 2 spot in Giants rotation? Yes, please

Madison Bumgarner could be the No. 2 starter in the Giants 2012 rotation

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Wednesday that Tim Lincecum would pitch an inning in the Giants’ spring opener against the Diamondbacks on Saturday. Hel also basically added that The Freak would be the Giants’ starter on Opening Day.


Madison Bumgarner will follow Lincecum in the spring rotation, and Bochy said that could be the way the rotation goes in the regular season, particularly if Ryan Vogelsong must open the season on the DL.

The reason for that is simple. If Vogelsong is not available to start the season, his likely replacement would Eric Surkamp, a lefty. So if Lincecum and Matt Cain (both righties) are 1-2, it would leave Bumgarner, Barry Zito and Surkamp (all lefties) at 3-4-5. Moving Mad-Bum into the No. 2 spot would break up that string of lefties.

But even if Vogelsong is ready, Bochy may use Bumgarner in the No. 2 spot as a lefty to break up Lincecum and Cain. He’s done it before with Zito and Jonathan Sanchez.

If Bochy does that, it could set up a situation for Cain to start the home opener against the Pirates on April 13. But that would involve Bochy using the scheduled day off on April 10 to skip over the No. 5 spot in the rotation, something Bochy hasn’t done a lot of in the past.

But in this case it would be smart on many levels.

It sets up Surkamp for a better situation for success. If Bochy just throws pitchers out in order 1-5 — and if Surkamp must make two starts in place of Vogelsong — it would mean his first two starts would come on April 11 at Colorado (not a friendly place for a young pitcher to make his season debut) and April 16 at home against the Phillies (yikes!). By using the day off to skip Surkamp in the rotation, his first start would come on April 15 at home against the Pirates, a much friendlier matchup. It would also mean the Giants would send Lincecum, Bumgarner and Cain against the Phillies.

It could allow for a situation in which Surkamp isn’t needed at all. Skipping the No. 5 spot in the rotation the first time through could give Vogelsong until the Giants’ ninth game of the season — on the 10th day of the season — to get ready. They could even put Vogelsong on the DL, back date the start of the 15 days into spring training, which would allow the Giants to carry an extra arm in the bullpen or an additional position player for the first nine games of the season before calling Vogelsong off the DL to start on April 15.

I know we’ve only started March, but it’s never too late to start planning.

Oh, also Alex Pavlovic of the San Jose Mercury News had an interesting blog post about Bumgarner’s numbers in his first 52 MLB starts compared to other pitchers. See it here.


Relax Giants fans: Freak is Freaky again

Well, that was more like it.

After getting smacked around some in his first spring start, Tim Lincecum threw three hitless innings on Tuesday as the Giants lost 3-2 to the Chicago Cubs.

“My location was better and I was mixing my pitches in and out,” Lincecum said. “I didn’t throw too many off-speed pitches. My rhythm felt quick the first two innings, and then I was able to calm it down in the third.”

Here are some other highlights:

MAD BUMMER: Madison Bumgarner followed Lincecum to the mound. He started with two more scoreless innings. But in his third inning, he gave up a run and left two runners on base when he was relieved by Dan Runzler. Runzler gave a two-run double to Aramis Ramirez with both runs being charged to Bumgarner.

MORE PANDA: Pablo Sandoval had two doubles in three RBI. Being patient at the plate paid off for Sandoval on Tuesday. He worked the count to 2-0 on Ryan Dempster in his first AB. Then went to left-center for a run-scoring double. Against Todd Wellemeyer, Sandoval took a 1-1 pitch and hit it 430 feet to center. That wasn’t enough to get it out of the park and it resulted in another double.  Sandoval is 6 for 13 with two HRs, two doubles and five RBI this spring.

FREDDY SANCHEZ: Making his first spring starting, Sanchez went 0 for 3. But it included a liner out to first in his first at-bat. It’s good to see Freddy playing games on March 1. Barring any setbacks, he’ll be ready for opening day. More interesting about this debut was that Sanchez was at the leadoff spot. Andres Torres sat out again with a sore side. Aaron Rowand also was in the starting lineup, but Rowand was batting No. 8. Hopefully this is a sign that Bruce Bochy is done putting Rowand in the leadoff spot, even on days when Torres is not in the lineup. We hope.

Pitching rotation set; no qualms

Manager Bruce Bochy and pitching coach Dave Righetti set the starting rotation for the 2011 Giants. And here it is:

RH Tim Lincecum

LH Jonathan Sanchez

RH Matt Cain

LH Barry Zito

LH Madison Bumgarner

Now there are some who might object to this rotation, saying that Cain has earned the distinction of being No. 2 man, and that Zito is better placed at No. 5.

But there are several reasons this rotation is the best one.

1. The mix of RH-LH-RH-LH-LH offers different looks to opposing lineups. That different look of pitching behind Cain would put Zito in the best position to succeed. And don’t we all want Zito to succeed?

2. Stress on the bullpen. Lincecum and Cain are the two pitchers on the staff best equipped to pitch deep into a game. Putting them back-to-back would leave the bullpen susceptible to a heavy workload in consecutive games. Sanchez has the ability of pitching eight innings of two-hit ball one start and struggling to get out of the fifth inning the next. And, of course, Zito is the poster child for failing to get out of the fifth. Putting a workhorse like Cain in between the two is a good move.

3. Sanchez has earned the chance to supplant Zito in the No. 2 start with a strong finish last season.

4. Keeping Bumgarner at No. 5 lessens the taxing on his arm. Although, the Giants will not skip anyone in the rotation, so the benefit of this is diminished. 

5. Moving Zito down in the rotation gives him a better chance at getting some improved run support because he’s facing the opposition’s No. 4 pitcher. Run support has been a problem for Zito. Now he gets to go against the likes of, for example, the Dodgers’ Jon Garland, instead of Chad Billingsley.

All good reasons. Now, let’s see if it works. And let’s hope (knock on wood) that there’s no reason to change this rotation between now and March 31.

Countdown to Spring Training: No. 2, Rotation

The Giants enter spring training not really worrying about the starting rotation. It’s set, barring any injury. That’s the only reason they signed Jeff Suppan to a minor-league deal.

Knock on wood, this is the 2011 starting rotation

RH Tim Lincecum

LH Barry Zito

RH Matt Cain

LH Jonathan Sanchez

LH Madison Bumgarner

Now, as much as some Giants fans would love to move Zito down in the rotation, the No. 2 spot is the best place for him. Putting the soft-throwing Zito in between the hard-throwing Lincecum and Cain makes sense.

And please, please, please, can we stop with the questions and comments around moving Zito and his contract. He’s not going anywhere. He’s set to make $18.5 million, $19 million and $20 million over the next three years. He’s got an $18 million option for 2014 that will vest if Zito pitches 200 innings in 2013 or averages 200 IPs over 2012-13 or 2011-13. The only good news is that Zito has not pitched more than 199.1 innings in any of his four seasons in San Francisco.

He’ll never be the kind of pitcher who warrants that kind of salary. But the Giants just need to hope he can be a functional starter.

But the bigger issue at hand is that Zito is the only returning starter who is not coming off a career-high for innings pitched in 2010 — regular and postseason.

So the concern is if any of the four starters will feel the effects of all those innings thrown in October.

Look for the Giants to be conservative with their pitchers this spring and early in the season. What the Giants should consider is treating Bumgarner like a true No. 5 starter in April.

The Giants have five scheduled off days in April, meaning they would only need a No. 5 starter three times in April — the opening homestand, the road trip to Arizona and Colorado, and the end-of-the-month trip to Pittsburgh and Washington.

They could skip Bumgarner’s turn in the rotation and throw him as a long man in between starts.

But we don’t expect the Giants to do this. This has not been Bruce Bochy’s M.O.  Hopefully this philosophy doesn’t come back to hurt the Giants

Martinez gets the call, not Bumgarner

The Giants made it official on Friday — Todd Wellemeyer was sent to the disabled list.

And despite the hopes of many Giants faithful, Madison Bumgarner did not get the call from Fresno. Joe Martinez did.

That will surely set of an angry torrent of comments online and light up the phones on sports radio, More Splash Hits is not going to get in line with the Bumgarner-now clan.

Bring Joe Martinez up now makes sense. Let’s explain.

For one, the Giants need some depth in the bullpen, and Martinez has experience as a long reliever. For another, the schedule provides opportunities for Martinez to come out of the pen.

At this point, Bochy indicated that Martinez will be used out of the pen, if needed, this weekend. But if the Giants don’t need him, we can expect that Martinez would be in line to pitch in Wellemeyer’s spot in the rotation on Tuesday against the Orioles.

Then the Giants have two off days in five coming up. That means the Giants won’t need a No. 5 pitcher again until June 26 at home against the Red Sox. In theory at least, if Wellemeyer only needs 15 days on the DL, he could return to pitch on the 26th. But we’ll consider that a long shot.

However, if Wellemeyer does not return by the final homestand in June, the Giants would be wise to leave him on the DL or on some rehab assignment until the All-Star Break. Starting July 1, the Giants embark on a 11-game road trip to Colorado (Yikes! We just had a scary vision of Wellemeyer pitching in Coors Field), Milwaukee (Yikes, we just had a similar vision) and Washington.

Now the Bumgarner boosters may still get their wish. If Martinez is needed in long relief this weekend, the Giants will need a No. 5 starter on Tuesday and it could be Bumgarner. He will start serving a three-game PCL suspension on Saturday, meaning that he could be available to get a call-up Tuesday and pitch for the Giants.

Our thinking is that the Giants hope they can throw Martinez on Tuesday. But then mark June 26 and a potential date for Bumgarner.

Madison Bumgarner update

Madison Bumgarner threw another quality start Wednesday, giving up three runs (two earned) in 6.1 innings against the Las Vegas 51s.

Bumgarner actually pitched five scoreless innings before allowing two runs in the sixth on two singles and a double. A third run scored in the sixth on an error. After giving up back-to-back singles in the seventh, he was pulled from the game.

He is now 5-1 with a 2.73 ERA.

It was Bumgarner’s seventh quality start in his last nine starts. He has not given up more than two earned runs in his past nine starts.

Since a pair of disastrous starts to open the year, Bumgarner is 5-0 with a 1.29 ERA.

We throw this information out as the Giants prepare to depart for a seven-game road trip in which Todd Wellemeyer (he of the 9.35 road ERA) is slated to make two starts.

Of course, the Giants could minimize Wellemeyer’s impact on the road trip by skipping his turn, given Thursday’s off day. That would limit him to one start during the road trip, while also adding to the Giants bullpen depth in the opening days of the road trip while they figure out what to do with ailing Jeremy Affeldt.

But, of course, this all makes too much sense for Bruce Bochy and the Giants to consider.